Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Yesterday Was Horrid... Today Awesome!

It is amazing how 24 hours can turn you around.  To be honest... today should be the miserable day. Everyone left super early and I have a really long day all by myself. Even darling daughter told me to try to have SOME fun today. You will never guess what it turned out to be!

I decided to download Sims 3... which I never play anymore and it was going to take 2 hours to put it back on my computer. So, while it was downloading (and still is actually) I decided to putter around the house tidying, emptying drawers and washing them... you really don't want to know just how much I did in that hour lol... but when the timer went off, I felt amazing. I don't know why other than at the moment my house looks awesome and the feeling of accomplishment is through the roof... but I'm ready to do more playing the rest of the day. 

Odd how the mind works!  There really is something to SuperBetter and how it seems to re-wire your brain! Housework can do it... honestly, at the moment I should be miserable but I'm the exact opposite!! Maybe it's because I conquered one of the Bad Guys today... depression!

Thinking Ahead... Buy one Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for next Christmas. You have no idea how much stress it will take off of you when next December rolls around. This year, I enjoyed the entire month instead of scrambling to get everything on my to-do list completed. **Currently Reading " Daily Meditations for Calming Your Anxious Mind" Henry Brantley, Wendy Millstine ** Did you remember to write in your Gratitude Diary ** Have You Meditated Today?? **I learned quickly that when I made others laugh, they liked me." Art Buchwald (Why do we do this to ourselves?? **What is your depression level today? Is it improving? Join me again tomorrow as we work through our day together. ** "Nothing but sunshine, heading our way... zippity do dah, zippity ah" We can thank Allie Wrubel wrote the music and Ray Gilbert wrote the lyrics. **And please share if you can think of someone who could use a little reminder that their happiness is important too! **Something to think about... “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” Roy T. Bennett **There are hundreds of tasks we feel we must accomplish in the day, but if we do not take them one at a time... we are bound to break our own physical or mental structure. Ted Bengermino

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