I Meditated in a Spaceship

 Look in the store section on your browser to see if you find a meditation program called... Sound Meditation. It's completely free and there are set meditations for you to listen to and there is a feature where you can make your own.  And, the best part... it has a timer that you can set anywhere from one minute to thirty!

Today, I just wasn't happy with the sounds of birds and lapping waves so I went in search of what other sounds you could use and I spotted one called... "Spaceship" that require you to use headphones. I un-clicked the birds and the noisy waves and turned on the Spaceship sounds and closed my eyes. I imagined that I was sitting on the bridge all by myself... in the dark and just settled back to listen to the hum of the spaceship engines. It was awesome and incredibly peaceful.

Ways to Make Yourself Better in 2018... Did you play a game?? ** Did you remember to write in your Gratitude Diary?? ** Have You Meditated Today?? So many little ways to make yourself stronger and healthier!! ==========

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