Saturday, February 3, 2018

If you had a bad day... like I did yesterday, don't beat yourself up.

I'm just getting over how upset I am at how horribly I handled a situation that there was nothing I could do anything about.

We were at the supermarket and the line was ridiculously long and every second I stood there seemed more like an hour  and the check out lady seemed to be in NOT HURRY what so ever. 
I know all of the little techniques that I have learned  and did not of them. I just fumed and fumed. My poor daughter was beginning to think that I was close to having a melt down!!  And that is not me! Okay there were some underlying issues that were on my mind, but I still have all of those little tricks that SuperBetter has taught me and they are all coming into my thoughts right now... but they were no where to be found yesterday. My LACK of PATIENCE SuperBetter Bad Guy was having a field day and I did some major sliding yesterday. 
But, today is a new day and I have already begun making up for yesterday at breakfast. I just started a new book called..."If You Were Here" by Jen Lancaster!   Everything that I read on the back of the book is proving to be true. For me to laugh at breakfast... is saying something!  If you are looking for something to read that has you laughing almost from page one... you are going to want to find this book!!
Thinking Ahead... If you had a bad day... like I did yesterday, don't beat yourself up.

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