Friday, April 27, 2018

I'm Wondering...

I think that my two main problem areas when it comes to anxiety is health issues. That makes going to the dentist and the doctor almost unbearable. I have just gotten back for my second dental appointment this month... one last Thursday and again this morning.  I noticed this morning that my anxiety wasn't as severe as it was last week which leads me to wonder if perhaps volunteering at a clinic until a paying job materializes just might be something to consider.  I would be making my own money while managing my anxiety issues.

I will have to give this some more thought before I make a decision!!

Ways to Make Yourself Better in 2018... Did you play a game?? ** Did you remember to write in your Gratitude Diary?? ** Have You Meditated Today?? So many little ways to make yourself stronger and healthier!! ==========

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